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McCal Scientific Calculator APK

5.1 for Android
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The description of McCal Scientific Calculator APK

McCal is a programmable scientific calculator for Android.

FAQ document now explains how to solve equations, and more.

Major features of McCal are:
(1) Entering of equations in a way similar to standard scientific calculators. McCal is NOT an RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator.

(2) Natural display: Equations containing fractions, surds, and so on are displayed in the way they would normally be written.

(3) Programmable: Conditional Branching and Loop controls. BASIC-like language and built-in source code editor.

(4) 'Copy-And-Paste': Move data between McCal array and SpreadSheet files.

(5) Equation history: you can recall past inputs and edit/reuse them.

(6) Support for complex number calculation, arrays, and strings.

(7) Matrix calculation, Linear Algebra: McCal has a powerful set of operators and functions to handle matrix. Now supports MATLAB ®(MathWorks)-like matrix operators, such as left division, element-by element multiplication, and inverse matrix. The built-in functions include determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization, etc. Solve simultaneous equations containing Complex number parameters.

(8) Many built-in functions as a scientific caluclator. Trigonometric functions in degrees, radians or grads. The gamma function.

(9) Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes.

(10) A complete lack of advertising.

(11) Transfer data from spread sheet files stored in SD card, Dropbox, Google Dirve, etc by 'Copy-and-Paste', and analyze them using McCal! We support 'copy-and-paste' with the following office applications.

Microsoft Excel ® mobile (Microsoft)
QuickOffice ® (Google)
Office Suite 7 ® (Mobile Systems)
Kingsoft Office ® (Kingsoft)

The programs below does not seem to support 'Copy-and-Paste'.

Docs To Go ® (DataViz)
Polaris Office ® (Infraware)

McCal-lite is a free-version of McCal. It is also available at Google Play.

Please visit our home-page (http://www.milimacode.com) for more information.

What Is New

What's New in McCal Version 5:
(1) 'Inspector': Users can look closely at calculation results, especially arrays and multiple returned values.
(2) Equation solvers.
(3) MATLAB-like matrix operators, such as left division, and element-by-element multiplication.
(4) Support for 'Copy-and-Paste' between McCal and Excel mobile is updated.
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